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What is Hybrid Working and What are the Benefits?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hybrid working has become a major talking point across all businesses around the world since the pandemic. With the introduction of widespread remote working shaking up how we view our workspaces, we explain the value of a new approach and why C-suite management are rushing to embrace an alternative workspace.


What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid work is when a business allows their employee’s the flexibility to work either in the office or remotely. Remote generally means at home, however, with the variety of living conditions people have, sometimes a third space is needed like a flexible workspace provider. Hybrid work splits a person’s place of work between ‘in office and at home’. Many companies are opting for a 3-2 split, meaning 3 days in office, 2 days at home.

With companies rethinking their working strategy and current office space, it’s raising questions. Do I need all this space if only a portion of my team are in at any time? Is there cost savings I could be making? How do I make my office as attractive as possible to increase employee retention? Flexible offices are by their name, flexible. Offering the perfect combination of features, functionality and flexibility to add value to any way of working you want to introduce. Members at Iconic Offices receive an array of benefits. Read more about them below.

The benefits of hybrid working;

Lower costs

By paying for the workstations you need, not the team you have, you can significantly lower costs. A successful hybrid workspace will balance the number of team members in at any given time, meaning rows and rows of empty desks are a thing of the past. Additional and breakout spaces can then be utilised as you need it. When adding in the cost of other business expenses such as security, tea/coffee, continental breakfast, social engagement activities, internet and general office costs, the savings can be huge.

Prime Locations

Many companies didn’t have to think about transport or the location of their office pre-pandemic. The thought was ‘if we build it they will come’. However the change in talent psychology and the way of working has put more of a focus on ‘how you get to work and the surrounding amenities’. Having easy access by Luas, Dart, Bus or Bikes is now a huge value add for talent. By using a flexible workspace provider you can tick all these important boxes in a hybrid work strategy. For 2023 and beyond.


The great resignation during the pandemic, and the war for talent, has left the market uncertain. With many employers offering remote and hybrid work solutions, it has now become a presumed benefit for workers. Having a flexible space can allow you to add that benefit while still offering the structure and reliability of an office. A change of work environment has been proven to increase employee’s focus, allowing them to utilise their time better, reducing attrition. Flexible workspace operators have optimised these workspaces and infrastructures to provide services and support to guide your business. Using them as a resource, and gaining from these benefits is a clever strategy for your company’s future.

Find Your Flexible Workspace Now:

As Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, we know things might be getting back to normal, but have changed dramatically. The ways in which businesses must now operate to increase employee retention and productivity, while simultaneously cutting costs point toward flexible workspaces as a solution.

Read more about Flexible Workspaces here.

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