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About Iconic Offices

Evolving How Workspace is Offered

Iconic Offices CEOJoe McGinley

Meet the CEO

Joe McGinley is the founder and CEO of Iconic Offices, which he founded back in 2013.  Joe’s vision and passion for creating inspirational workspace unites the whole Iconic Offices team. His drive and work ethic are relentless. His passion for design and the business he has built are infectious. With over a decade of experience in the commercial real estate sector, Joe has built strong relationships with the leading estate agents and landlords.

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The Iconic Mission

To create the best flexible workspace offering in the market, superior to anything else, challenging the way in which workspace is delivered.

An Iconic Journey

Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, driven by a passion to create innovative workspace for progressive companies. An Irish founded and owned business, they combine local knowledge and years of industry expertise to design unique workspaces with premium service and IT, that allow businesses to focus on their work and grow.

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Workspaces range from 1 to 900 desks, so you can take a desk for a day or entire custom floors for a global HQ.

Iconic members enjoying the Iconic Offices environment

The Iconic Community

Community is at the heart of everything Iconic Offices do. It drives collaboration, productive thinking and a sense of belonging among its members. The workspaces, services, events and expert community teams support the vision.


Sustainability & ESG Focused

At Iconic we're conscious of the impact that both our business and our clients can have on tackling climate change. We are committed to minimising our energy and emissions as well as partnering with other companies to develop further solutions for sustainable working.


We are passionate and committed individuals who challenge norms and think outside the box, driven creative thinkers, consistently seeking to make what we do even better for our customers.


We champion individuality and personality, embracing a culture where everyone feels they can be themselves. We are professional and motivated individuals committed to a common goal.


At Iconic Offices, we are dedicated to, and value, each other and what we do. Showing up doesn’t mean just showing up for work, it’s being there for your team and wider community. 

Our values

Iconic Culture

Providing workspace to over 3000 members, the team of 70+ care deeply about the space, service and work been done. Iconic Office are lways looking to build upon the team, where amazing people can flourish and achieve their best, helping their clients do so too. If you are interested in joining the team and being part of the journey, get in touch.

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