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Coworking in Dublin – What Is It & Why Do It?

Updated: May 4, 2023

Coworking at South Point, Dublin

Coworking at South Point

Coworking in Dublin: What is it?

Coworking in Dublin is growing in popularity year after year, particularly with the increase in remote and hybrid working options, but what exactly is it? Coworking refers to a modern workspace arrangement where people from different businesses come together to use a shared space equipped with amenities like meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, communal kitchens, and break-out spaces.

Coworking spaces offer different options such as private offices, hot desking, studios, meeting rooms, and much more, depending on the needs of its members. They can be attractive to many different individuals and businesses since they offer benefits like 24/7 access, front-of-house teams that act as an extension of your business, and reception services like mail handling and phone answering.

Coworking spaces also provide additional amenities like shower facilities, bike storage, continental breakfast, and unlimited tea and coffee. Flexible workspace arrangements offer an alternative to the isolation and distraction that comes with working from home, providing you with a productive space that can inspire your best work. Our coworking spaces in Dublin and Cork have been custom-designed to suit their occupants' unique needs and preferences, where no two buildings are the same.

Coworking at the masonry, Dublin

Coworking at The Masonry

Coworking in Dublin: Why do it?

Dublin has become a popular location for businesses both nationally and internationally, thanks to its skilled labour force, tax incentives, and vibrant startup ecosystem. By setting up your business in Dublin, you gain direct access to the European market, and with Ireland being an English-speaking country, it allows for easy communication between clients and customers, opening your business up to potential investors and consumers. Moreover, Dublin's easy accessibility by air or sea makes it a perfect location to do business and avoid prohibitive tariffs and customs.

Ireland provides various support systems and grants to entrepreneurs and businesses, with mentorship programmes and training support for those who need it. This makes Dublin a supportive environment to start your business and grow your enterprise. The smaller size of the city compared to other capital cities makes networking and exposure to relevant decision-makers more accessible. Entrepreneurs coming from the EU, the UK, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can set up businesses in Ireland without needing any visas or immigration permission.

Coworking at The Lennox Building, Dublin

Coworking at The Lennox Building

Coworking in Dublin for traditional businesses

The use of coworking spaces in Dublin by professional services is on the rise. With the increase in remote and hybrid working, coworking spaces can allow larger companies to be more flexible and pivot according to the market, while also allowing employees the autonomy to work how and when it suits them. Coworking spaces can allow companies to easily scale up and down when needed, utilising the space efficiently depending on the current economy and can also help to retain staff, particularly younger employees who may not want to commute for hours to an office in a business park outside of the city centre.

As hybrid and remote working setups continue to be widely adopted, many employees may prefer more of a balance between working from home and the office. For those who wish to attend the office more often, a traditional office setting can lack a sense of atmosphere and community when your coworkers may not be present. With other coworkers from different companies present, a coworking space can provide a sense of community and create a productive atmosphere for those who wish to attend the office more often, even if their colleagues chose to work from home.

The aim of coworking communities is to offer ergonomic spaces designed to benefit all members of businesses, encouraging these businesses to grow, thrive and reach their ultimate goals. Traditional businesses are beginning to recognise and reap the benefits of coworking spaces as the working world continues to evolve and change.

Coworking at NSQ2, Cork City

Our Coworking locations in Dublin.

We have a number of coworking locations across Dublin City that have been specifically designed to suit the unique needs and requirements of its occupants.

Coworking at South Point

South Point, located at Herbert House, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, is the perfect space to elevate your business. Spread over 4 floors with state-of-the-art facilities this workspace offers a haven for productivity where your business can thrive.

Coworking at The Lennox Building

The Lennox Building is not only our first WELL v2 Gold-certified workspace, but it is the first WELL v2 Gold-certified workspace in Europe, making it one of our most sought-after locations. This workspace borders the buzzy residential areas of Portobello, Rathmines, and Harold’s Cross, while still being part of Dublin’s Central Business District.

Coworking at The Masonry

The Masonry is one of Dublin’s largest Georgian properties, located in Dublin 4. From our onsite cafe to our world-class connectivity, fully stocked kitchens and a community of forward-thinking individuals and businesses, The Masonry has everything that your business could need to thrive, all under one roof.

Coworking at South Point

The Greenway is a tranquil hideaway in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city centre, situated in Dublin’s most central location, Stephen’s Green. The Greenway is bursting with a community ethos and has options to suit every need, from coworking to meeting rooms and private office space.

Coworking at Sobo Works

Sobo Works, located in the heart of Dublin’s Silicon Docks, is surrounded by some of the country’s biggest tech giants. Collaborate with like-minded innovators, expand your network in our coworking space, elevate your business in one of our private offices or embrace a change of scene with one of our day passes.

Looking to Learn More about Coworking in Dublin?

Talk to one of our workspace consultants and discover how a coworking workspace at Iconic Offices can help your business thrive. They will answer any questions you have and help find the perfect solution to suit your requirements.


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