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Finding an Office to Rent in Dublin: 10 Point Checklist

Updated: May 17, 2023

Finding an office to rent in Dublin can be a tricky task but fortunately there are many options available such as serviced and semi-serviced workspaces, coworking (or hot-desking), and private offices.

A business’s working environment will project not only the company’s image but also its ethos. Selecting your future workspace isn’t an easy decision and so it shouldn’t be made lightly. Your office space should encompass the company’s values and style, as well as functioning to the highest efficiency in order to provide a productive and enjoyable environment.

Below we have outlined a checklist of 10 factors every business should consider before selecting their new office space and we include many of the benefits you can avail of if opting for a flexible workspace provider such as ourselves, Iconic Offices.

1. Location, location, location!

If there’s only one factor you actually consider when choosing your new office space to rent, make sure it’s location! Being central and / or nearby essential amenities for the daily business is simply vital. This is not only extremely beneficial when attracting and retaining employees, but also for attracting and retaining clients too. For some businesses, it will suit to work in more rural areas, but if you’re a startup or SME looking to network and meet with clients on a regular basis then the busy city centre could be the best choice.

2. Facilities

It’s not enough to have your four walls and electricity. In order to have a productive and distraction-free working environment it is imperative that you seek a workspace that provides super fast WiFi along with any technical support you may need.

3. Budget

Of course with any business decisions or purchases, budget is a big factor. It’s important that you get the right office space for your company but you do have to be realistic about it too. If you’re a startup, for instance, a great way to save on cost is to join a coworking community (such as Iconic Offices), where pricing is greatly reduced but you still avail of all the perks such as a stylised workspace, fully serviced and in a central location. Not to mention the increased opportunity to network.

If you’re a more mature business and specifically want to avail of private office space, budget may not be as big a factor. However the long-term leases that typically accompany these kind of office spaces don’t always suit and can be a big commitment, particularly in the early years. This is where flexible workspaces, such as ourselves, can come into play offering short-term leases to companies of all sizes, because we understand that your needs may change and so we’re ready to adapt with you.

4. Meeting Spaces

The benefits of having quality meeting spaces can often be overlooked when selecting new offices. Yes, it is vital that there is enough space for the team and that the facilities are in place, but meeting rooms should be treated with equal importance. Without a functioning meeting space it can be very difficult to hold team meetings, take phone calls or discuss private matters. It’s also best to have a dedicated space for brainstorming sessions to help inspire ideas without the entire office eavesdropping and of course, for when clients call in or you need to conduct interviews.

5. Breakout Spaces

Similar to meeting room spaces, breakout spaces should not go overlooked either. Employees now place huge value on working for companies who provide above average working environments where importance is placed on the interiors of the office space and on providing facilities for leisure as well as business activities. Whether this is a games room, relaxation room or even an in-house café, providing this communal area will help your team bond and create an overall more positive working culture which has been proven to increase productivity. We have more on the importance of these spaces, also known as ‘third spaces’, here.

6. Accessibility

Another factor that is becoming increasingly important for workers nowadays is flexibility. The typical working day of 9-5 works fine for most but being able to come in earlier and finish earlier or vice versa is growing in popularity. Many employees also appreciate the ability to have access to their workspace during the weekends if they need to catch up on work or meet with clients. This can be particularly useful for startups or freelancers who tend to work around the clock so accessibility would play a significant factor. As a result, it’s best to opt for a workspace that provides 24/7 access so as that employees have this flexibility and aren’t confined to particular working hours.

7. Environment

As discussed, a company’s culture is now of great value to employees and in order to improve company culture it is vital to first and foremost improve the overall working environment. According to a study carried out by Gensler, a well designed office can increase productivity by a whopping 20% as well as adding great value to the overall culture.

Why opt for a mundane, old-school office when you can breath life and creativity into a beautifully decorated and facilitated workspace where you spend majority of your week? We discuss the benefits of providing such workspaces here, where we look at office design and productivity. Many companies may not have the funds to support such extravagant working environments however, one budget-friendly option, as we’ve discussed, is to opt for serviced office spaces where absolutely everything is looked after for you and can be adapted to your needs.

8. Serviced vs. Non-Serviced

Throughout this article we have discussed the many benefits of availing of a serviced office workspace but each business will be different in terms of their requirements. With a serviced workspace (such as Iconic), your facilities are looked after, the interiors, desk spaces, broadband, telecoms, mail, breakfast and coffee supplies, security, cleaning service and continuous support from community teams as well as IT support. And you also have the advantage of joining community events and networking opportunities, all on a budget-friendly, short-term lease.

On the other hand you have non-serviced offices, here you can find your own private space where you look after all of your own facilities, interiors, IT and so on. Some businesses would prefer this total control, (but we’re obviously biased).

9. Culture

We can’t highlight the importance of this enough, attract and retain the best of the best when it comes to your employees by providing a workspace where they actually want to spend their time. A strong team spirit will create a positive environment which can have incredibly positive effects on your business. Think about the environment, is it aesthetically pleasing? What about the location, is it nearby services for lunch, post office, bank and of course after-work drinks. Does your team spend time together? By providing spaces to do so, or communal events you can help aid this bonding and boost the overall culture.

10. Room for Growth?

It’s important to forecast ahead and ensure you are allocating enough space for any new additions you plan to make to your team. This is where long-term leases can be a major barrier when deciding which office to rent, as you don’t want to over estimate and be paying for a far bigger space than required with the intentions to fill it over the next few years. What you want is flexibility where you can increase and decrease to suit your needs on a continuous basis.

If you’re looking for an office to rent in Dublin city centre and you think that flexible workspaces might be for you, you can check out our array of fully-serviced and semi-serviced, coworking and private office spaces here. Or for enquiries, simply complete the form.


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