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5 Top Tips for Managing a Team in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are swiftly becoming the way of the future but with new change comes new challenges. Managing a team in a coworking space comes with its own unique set of obstacles but by leveraging the facilities and resources available to you, you can help your company thrive in an innovative and collaborative environment.

Employees in a Coworking space

1. Team Building Exercises

One of the challenges that can arise when building a team in a coworking space is maintaining a sense of team spirit in a shared space. Allowing space for interpersonal relationships to develop organically is paramount to ensuring the success of your team. This means creating the time for employees to connect outside of the workspace. One such way of doing this is by organising outings that focus on team building activities. Team building exercises can help foster a sense of comradery and improve the overall productivity of a company. By working together to solve a problem, team members will improve their communication skills and learn how to collaborate effectively. Many team building activities encourage creativity and thinking outside the box which can help with brainstorming and sharing ideas.

2. Utilise the Coworking Space Facilities

The beauty of building a team within a coworking space is the vast number of resources and facilities available to you with a membership. Many flexible workspaces offer a variety of breakout spaces that allow members to take some time away from their desks. Make use of these spaces to have one-on-one time with your employees and catch up on their ongoing tasks.

Community events are another great way to bring your team together. Events offer you and your employees the opportunity to network and connect with other members. Iconic Offices offer a variety of members events from an International Women’s Day Panel to Drag Bingo. Our coworking spaces also include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for members to enjoy. Why not organise an evening each week where you and your team can relax with an after-work drink?

Colleagues having a meeting in breakout space

3. Personalise Workstations

Having a workstation that feels personal means employees will feel comfortable and secure in their coworking space. Encourage employees to add their own individual touches with photographs and decorations to their desks to make them their own. Plants are another great way to brighten up a workspace and are proven to be beneficial to employees’ overall well-being. This is something we already incorporate into our coworking spaces at Iconic, but you can never have too many desk plants!

4. Set Aside Time to Collaborate

If you’re a company that takes advantage of flexible working, it can be challenging to find the right time to come together as a team. One way to ensure your team has the time to connect and collaborate is by designating certain days each week when all employees are in the office. Take advantage of this time and set aside a few hours where the team can come together to share ideas in person. All Iconic coworking spaces come with a variety of meeting rooms that are discounted for internal members. Book a meeting room either onsite or at another Iconic location that your team can use to present ideas or brainstorm.

A woman hosting a meeting

5. Manage Disturbances

While collaboration is always supported, we must also ensure that each employee has their own space to work quietly, free from distractions. Encourage employees to utilise the on-site phone booths when taking video calls to minimise the distraction for other team members. Recommend that your team in the coworking space spends intentional time away from the desk, in the kitchen or in breakout spaces, catching up with their colleagues. While it’s important to maintain good relationships between team members, it’s necessary that workspaces are a space where employees can stay focused.

Interested in Learning More about Coworking in Dublin?

Talk to one of our workspace consultants and discover how a coworking space at Iconic Offices can help your team and business thrive. They will answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect solution to suit your requirements.


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