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The Benefits of a Flexible Workspace

Updated: May 17, 2023

Flexible workspace has now grown to a full-scale industry, demonstrating the desire of businesses and their teams to work in a space that can flex to their needs. As the world continues to change, the ability to adapt is crucial. Flexible workspaces host a vast list of advantages for employees, but also benefit employers and the business as a whole.

Here are just some of the benefits of Iconic Flexible Workspaces:

Customised Solutions

At Iconic Offices, we not only provide flexible workspaces, but we give you a dedicated Workspace Consultant who will help you understand the pain points your flexible office space should be addressing, and deliver a space tailored to your team’s needs. Our offices are fully fitted, decorated and ready to move into, situated in prime locations to help you attract employees into the office and retain your talented workforce.

Low Risk

Flexibility is at the core of our business, whether that’s within our workspaces or our contracts. We can work with you to create flexible lease agreements to give you comfort, whatever uncertainty your business may face. This means no more lengthy leases with daunting penalties. You can work out an agreement that works for you and your company’s future. 

Cutting Costs

We take care of all of the stress of running an office, so you don’t have to. At Iconic, we provide you with designated community and facilities teams, ensuring your workspace is optimal for you, your team and your guests. As members, your team also have access to unlimited tea and coffee and a stocked kitchen with continental breakfast options throughout each building. Even your premium IT facilities are included in your monthly membership, making it one less expense to worry about.


As your business grows, your office does too. Flexible workspaces allow you to scale up or down with ease. Our Workspace Consultants are always on hand to help with this, and it allows you to mitigate the usual risks involved and reduce the expense of moving office.

Networking Opportunities

At Iconic Offices, across multiple locations, we have created a community of Iconic members from a range of different industries. Being a part of this community allows you the opportunity to mix with professionals you may never have the chance to meet otherwise. Our offices boast a range of communal spaces tailored towards this. Those water-cooler moments could be the start of your next collaboration. 

Increased Productivity

Creating shared spaces in more open offices allows employees to move around freely, meet more often and share ideas in an innovative and dynamic way. Allowing employees to work in fresh, different and exciting environments boosts their creativity and helps them to really enjoy their time in the office. Working solely from home or an office can be an isolating experience. Our offices are built with your employees in mind, optimising space and design to excite and invigorate them.

It has become abundantly clear that flexible workspaces are the future. We have invested thoroughly in creating these spaces so that we can provide your business with the most productive workspace possible. Still unsure if a flexible workspace is for you? Discover the benefits of a flexible workspace over a conventional office here.

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