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Fostering Positive Change

Social Mission

We believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial to our success and the success of our clients. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture that values and respects all individuals and to fostering a diverse and equitable work environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Social Initiatives

Explore our impactful social initiatives that empower our community and foster inclusivity. Through partnerships, education, and philanthropy, we're dedicated to creating positive change and a brighter future at Iconic and beyond.

Riley Partnership

We're proud to partner with Irish-owned, female-led start-up Riley, stocking their sanitary products at our workspaces complimentary for staff and members. Riley’s products are eco-friendly, better for our bodies and better for our planet.

WELL Certification

Embrace WELL-being with our certified spaces. Our commitment to WELL standards ensures the health of our members and their comfort are prioritised. Breathe easy, work well, and thrive in environments designed for total well-being.

Community Engagement

Community engagement lies at the heart of our social initiatives by actively listening, collaborating, and investing in our local community. One example of this is our recent food collection for Little Flower Penny Dinners.

Diversity & Inclusion Policies

In addition to our diversity, equity and inclusion policy, we regularly assess procedures such as recruitment, internal meeting rhythms and engagement surveys to ensure business decisions are made with consideration of diverse backgrounds. 

Human Rights

We respect human rights in the conduct of business at Iconic. Regular assessments and audits are undertaken from an internal and supplier perspective assessing potential dangers in the areas of forced labour, modern slavery and discrimination. 

Labour practices

We want to go further than legal compliance to demonstrate progressive best practices with our internal policies and procedures. Regular audit practices include DEI, Engagement, and Mental Health & Well-being to identify areas of improvement.

Volunteer Day at Dogs Trust

In May, several Iconic staff volunteered for a day with our charity partners, Dogs Trust Ireland. Through gardening and weeding, we curated sensory havens that provide rescue dogs with moments of joy and respite.

“At Iconic, we celebrate individuals from every community and culture - it's what makes our culture as special as it is today and it’s one of the many reasons I was proud to join the company earlier this year.”

Ciaran Mellott, Head of HR

Hear From
The HR Team


We are dedicated to acting with transparency and integrity in our business practices, recognising the trust that our clients, employees, and stakeholders place in us to behave ethically and fairly.



We believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial to our success and the success of our clients. We’re committed to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace that values and respects all individuals.



We’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste through energy-efficient design, sustainable materials, and smart technologies. Creating environmentally friendly workspaces for our community.


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