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6 Work Christmas Activities Your Team Will Love

Christmas is the perfect time to get your team together to let their hair down and celebrate with some festive fun. But most of us have had our fair share of work Christmas parties and it can be challenging to come up with new ways to celebrate with your team each year. We’ve compiled a list of some festive and creative work Christmas activities to make this year's holiday season one to remember.

Ginger Bread House Making Competition

Ginger bread houses

If your team shares a canteen space, it’s likely there’s been some talk about who's the best cook in the kitchen. Well, what better way to find out than a classic ginger bread house competition? Divide into teams and come up with creative team names – the more festive the better. Then set the timer and get to work building the ginger bread house of your dreams. Create different prize categories from most creative to most delicious and end the evening with a feast of biscuits, icing and sweets.

Murder Mystery Party

People posing for a photo in costume

If you’re looking to host a work Christmas party that your team will be talking about all year, a festive murder mystery party is the way to go. For one night, you and your colleagues will become characters in a suspicious murder investigation. Working together to share intelligence and combine resources, it will be up to you to determine who in your team is the killer. Your host will act as the detective and lead you through the investigation and once the suspect is caught, you can celebrate with drinks in your favourite bar!

Christmas Cocktail Workshop

Two girls holding cocktails

The perfect start to any work night out is with cocktails and with this Christmas Cocktail Workshop, you can ensure that everyone leaves in a very merry mood. You’ll learn the basics of cocktail making, with a mulled wine on arrival, before getting stuck into making two festive-themed cocktails. All of the ingredients, equipment and nibbles will be provided and you will, of course, have plenty of time to enjoy your Christmas creations.

Casino Night

People playing at a casino table

While we’d all love to plan a work trip to Vegas, sometimes the budget doesn’t stretch that far. So why not bring the fun of Las Vegas to your Christmas party? Hire a casino fully equipped with tables, equipment and croupiers and tell your team to dress to the nines. With corporate casino hires, players will be provided with money vouchers for the night so they don’t need to worry about spending any real money. You can even fuel your teams competitive spirits by adding prizes for the player with the most chips.

Festive Candle Making

Pouring wax into candle holders

For the team who favour quality time with their colleagues over flashy parties, a festive candle making night is the perfect way to spend a winter evening. Gather your team in a cosy candle-making studio to learn the traditional craft first-hand. You can mix and pour your own festive scented candles which you can then label and decorate as the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

Masquerade Ball

People posing in masks

Nothing says glamorous Christmas party like a masquerade ball. Give your team the perfect excuse to dress in their best suits and gowns and decorate your event space like a perfect Venetian ballroom. The masquerade masks and lavish decor will add a touch of magic to a traditional Christmas party setting. You can even create a custom cocktail for your guests as a finishing touch on a glamorous night.


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