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10 Unique Team Building Activities to Try in Dublin

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Team building activities are a great way to strengthen relationships between colleagues. Not only are they a fun, after-work outing but many activities can help employees develop skills in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution. Dublin offers a diverse variety of team building activities that can be tailored to your company size and interests, but it can be challenging to find something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the most unique team building activities in Dublin for you to try with your team.

1. Silverworks Jewellery Making Class

Choosing a creative team building activity is a great way to see your employees' personalities shine through. Silverworks offer a ‘Forge your own Silver Ring’ class where your team get the chance to design, forge and keep their own piece of jewellery. Colleagues can join in on decision making and share tips on creating all while learning the basic steps in silversmithing. Silverworks also provide beer, wine or soft drinks for you to enjoy while you work. To top it all off, everyone goes home with a stunning reminder of a good evening out!

2. Escape Room on a Boat

Boat on the water at night

If you want to really see how your team works under pressure, Escape Boats is the team building activity for you. This Dublin-based company takes escape rooms to the next level with an escape room located on a boat in Grand Canal Dock. This unique and immersive experience will challenge even the most experienced puzzle enthusiasts and will put your team's problem-solving abilities to the test. With a variety of themed rooms to choose from, Escape Boats ensures there is something for everyone - as long as you’re up to the challenge.

3. Barista Class

Forget having chats by the coffee machine, it’s time for you and your team to become fully-fledged baristas. Dublin Barista School offers companies a unique and intimate way to get your team together. During their workshops, their experienced coffee professionals will show your team how to perfect the art of coffee making. This class is the perfect opportunity to bond with colleagues while learning a new skill. And everyone’s Monday mornings are sure to get a lot better with all those beautiful cups of coffee being made!

4. Scavenger Hunt for Team Building Activity Across Dublin

Skyline of Dublin at sunset

Looking for a team building activity that lets you explore Dublin? Scavenger Hunting Ireland has just that. They will customise a unique scavenger hunt for you and your team with tasks to complete across the city and each team will provide photo evidence as proof of completion. From finding historical landmarks to replicating famous Irish photos, this one will definitely keep you busy. Scavenger Hunting Ireland will organise the event from start to finish, so all you need to worry about it is winning.

5. Corporate Sports Day

Team dressed up for sports day

Corporate Sports Days are a perfect excuse to channel all that competitive energy into something fun. Through a variety of sports day activities, your company will learn how to communicate effectively and work together as a team. Orangeworks has itineraries with your favourite games from school as well as cerebral games so anyone with a basic fitness level can join in. They also provide an event instructor to keep everyone engaged so that your team can get the most out of their day.

6. Musical Pub Crawl

The Musical Pub Crawl is the perfect way to experience Ireland’s music culture while winding down with a pint. Two professional musicians will take you on an adventure through some of Dublin’s best pubs while performing traditional Irish tunes and songs. Along the way, they will share stories of Irish music and the influence it has had on the contemporary world.

7. Axe Throwing

When it comes to team building activities, it doesn’t get more unique than this. The Axe Club in Dublin provides companies with the unparalleled experience of learning how to properly throw an axe and the opportunity to compete with your peers to be crowned Axe Champion. They also provide wood fire pizza, craft non-alcoholic beers and speciality coffee so you can relax after an intense evening of competition.

8. Volunteer at Dogs Trust

Iconic staff in front of Dogs Trust

Team building activities can also be a time for your company to give back to the community. Why not gather your team for a day of volunteering at a local charity? Dogs Trust Ireland, our charity partners, hosts regular events where individuals, groups and furry companions can come together to learn about the importance of looking after our pets. Dogs Trust will also support you in hosting your own event. Get your team and their pets together to burn off some energy with a sponsored lunchtime walk.

9. Private Cinema Hire – Greenroom

The Greenroom in the Greenway

Sometimes all you want to do at the end of a busy week is kick your feet up with a fun movie. Iconic Offices Greenroom is available for any company to rent to host their own movie screening with their team. Reminisce with an old classic or get first reactions to the latest blockbuster. The perfect way to unwind, regroup and connect with your team.

10. Spray Painting Class

Team spray painting together

What better way to see your team's creative side than an afternoon spent spray painting? All Out offer graffiti workshops in their studio for companies looking for a different kind of team building activity in Dublin. They offer workshops for a variety of group sizes that include supplies, space and safety equipment. See what hidden graffiti skills your team possesses and maybe even get some new art for the office.


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