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Meet The Speaker: An Interview With Dominic Soh

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Meet the speaker

Introducing one of our highlight Speakers this month, Dominic Soh, a TEDx speaker and international trainer who has worked with organisations like Tesla, National Australia Bank, VW and Australia Post. His goal is to help businesses and their staff develop resilience to thrive in a period of change, transitioning and restructuring.

Dominic has spoken on the TEDx stage twice, trained TEDx speakers and award-winning leaders, ran multiple 100km+ ultra-marathons and interviewed high performers like the U.S. Navy SEALs, Olympians, fighter pilots, surgeons and Michelin-star chefs. Some of his other speaking clients include Google, Intel, New York University, and Guinness Enterprise Centre.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Dominic and I was born in Singapore. I grew up in a safe and supportive family – went to school, went to university, followed the advice of my elders, went to Australia to further my studies, got a job, etc – but deep down inside I felt that there was more to life than merely going through the motions.

While the first 20-25 years of my life was pretty smooth sailing, I wouldn’t say it was remarkable or phenomenal. Moving over to Australia for studies and then for work was one of the most transformative moments in my life. It gave me the opportunity to further explore my potential, to push boundaries, to do things which I wouldn’t have done if I were to remain in my home country.

Did you always know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by business people. I mean, there’s nothing wrong about being an employee, but I’ve been amazed by those who can actually create opportunities out of almost nothing. My first taste of entrepreneurship was when I baked chocolate chip cookies when I was in university in Singapore and sold them to my friend who was organising some Valentine’s Day activities for his student club.

And my first go in entrepreneurship in Australia was when I charged $5.95 per ticket for students to have coffee with me and receive some career advice. Once I had a taste of what’s really possible – creating value, solving problems, attaining customers, generating revenue, seizing opportunities – I couldn’t stop and I’ve never looked back.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

I think there were a number of memorable achievements to date.

  1. Speaking on the TEDx twice

  2. Speaking internationally in over 12 countries

  3. Finishing a couple of 100km+ ultra-marathons

  4. Being featured on

  5. Helping my coaching clients double their incomes in about 4-8 weeks

  6. Speaking to clients like Google, Intel, Tesla, VW

  7. Generating 5 figures in speaking revenue over 2-3 years on the side

  8. Learning how to trade derivatives during the pandemic and being able to cover my rent and even exceed my day job’s income from my trading returns.

  9. Being awarded the Trader of the Month for January 2021

I would admit that I still don’t think that I am massively successful because I am only scratching the surface. While I am grateful for what I have and for how far I’ve come, I’m definitely hungry for more.

Have you ever had a failure teach you more than a success?

Definitely. I was fired from my first job out of university. I experienced a degree of racism when I was job hunting, and I was rejected by employers 526 times before securing a full-time position.

I also had someone threaten to take legal action against me and had some coaching clients turn against me. Things can happen and they will. But it’s important to note that failure is never final – it’s a great source of feedback and an opportunity to learn and get better. In fact, we should fail more – in a healthy, intentional and strategic manner – because it’s so easy to play it safe and small and not make bold moves.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have ever received?

“It’s going to be hard anyway”. Whether you play it big or small, whether you push yourself or fly under the radar, it’s going to be tough. So choose your tough. At the end of the day, the greatest pain in life isn’t the pain of failure, rejection, ridicule, setbacks or disappointment. It’s the pain of REGRET. Go ahead and do things which you’ll be proud of when you’re 90 years old sitting on the rocking chair.

If you could invite any 3 people to a dinner party, who would they be?

I assume I could invite also those who have passed on? I would invite Steve Jobs, Freddie Mercury and Elon Musk. Because they dared to dream. Because they dared to go where no one else dared. Because they pushed boundaries. Because they had a monumental vision and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Because they made a dent. Because they embraced the fullest expression of themselves and their potential. Because they endured scorn, ridicule and criticism in exchange for upending the status quo.

Because they could.

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