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5 Social Club Ideas to Ignite Workplace Culture: A Guide for Managers and HR

In an age where so much of our work is done virtually, it’s important to create the space for your team to connect in person and have discussions that won’t be noted in the meeting minutes. Connection plays a vital role in aiding productive team work, and fostering good relationships between colleagues that will benefit the overall morale of a company. Organising social clubs in your company gives your employees the opportunity to connect with their peers over a shared interest while also improving their skills. Social clubs can bring together people from different departments or teams who may not have met otherwise. In short, workplace social clubs are a key component in fostering connections between colleagues in the digital age.

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How to Start a Workplace Social Club


Starting a workplace social club couldn’t be easier. The first step is to identify common interest between your employees. You might notice your team is particularly sporty or crafty, or that you have a few bookworms in the office. It can be anything from a skill to a pastime to an unusual hobby - as long as enough people are interested, you're on your way to starting a club. Next, you need to figure out what resources you might need. Do you need a space to host a club? Do you need an online platform? Or do you just need participants? Once you have that figured out, all you need to do is gather members. Add any interested employees to a group chat, organise a time and date for your first meeting and watch your social club grow.


Book Club


There’s no greater feeling that finishing a book and delving into discussions about key ideas, learnings and takeaways. Book clubs have always been a wonderful space to form connections with people you may not know very well, as the more you discuss your thoughts, the more you begin to understand one another. Workplace book clubs can also open your employees up to new ideas and allow them to see things from a different perspective. This can help employees to connect to their peers in ways they might not have had the opportunity to otherwise. If you have a smaller bookclub, you can organise to meet at a cafe or a quiet bar in the evenings or perhaps there's a space in the office that you could utilise. Serve up some drinks and snacks and let your team immerse themselves in an evening of insightful conversation.


Run Club

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It can be difficult to find the time or motivation to exercise, especially when work days are busy, but having a dedicated group to exercise with can help your team to get out and get moving. Run clubs can be a wonderful way of bringing people together over a common interest and can help people to push themselves to the next level and create healthier habits, and a healthier workforce is a benefit to employees and managers alike. Research races in your local area and find one that suits the groups ability. Once everyone is signed up, they can motivate each other to reach their personal goals.


Baking Club


This is a club that everyone in your office will appreciate! Put all of your teams competitive energy to good use by hosting a baking competition that takes place weekly in the office canteen. Each week, someone new can bring in a baked good of their choice to serve at lunch time and employees can judge based on taste, presentation and skill. Not only will the competition give your employees a chance to show off their culinary expertise but it also provides the team with a weekly break from their busy work schedules. Colleagues can bond over which cakes they feel deserve to take home the prize and revel in the excitement of what sweet treats will be served up each week.


Sea Swim Club

Woman swimming in the sea

If you’re lucky enough to live and work somewhere near the seaside then odds are that you know plenty of people who enjoy a nice, freezing-cold dip in the sea. Starting a sea swim club at work can be a refreshing and invigorating way to foster team bonding and overall well-being. Sea swimming is not only a fantastic physical activity but also a great stress reliever and can help employees reset before or after their workday. Sea swimming offers a perfect blend of fitness, fun, and team building and can create a positive and productive working environment.


Fantasy Football League


Fantasy Football Leagues are a long-standing tradition in the office and it's no surprise why. Engaging in friendly competition through a fantasy football league provides an opportunity for employees to connect beyond their professional roles, encouraging a more relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere. It promotes teamwork, communication, and a shared sense of excitement as participants follow the ups and downs of their selected players throughout the season. The league can serve as a common ground for discussions, sparking conversations and relationships that extend beyond the usual work-related topics.


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