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Exploring the Benefits of Temporary Workspaces for Your Business

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

As brokers and employers, you know the real importance of giving your clients and employees not just flexible solutions, but solutions that align with their ever evolving needs. A workspace solution that is gaining momentum and popularity is the temporary workspace. Iconic Offices are leaders in the world of flexible workspace solutions in Ireland, with over 10 years of expertise in tailoring offices to varying requirements.

What are temporary workspaces?

Temporary workspaces, also known as flexible or coworking spaces, are shared office environments that give businesses the freedom and flexibility to take an office space on a short-term basis. Your client can rent the space for a few hours, days, weeks or months, dependent on their needs. While this might conjure up ideas of basic, underwhelming packages that are simply plug-in and go, the Iconic Offices offering entails much more.

Why Temporary Offices Make Sense:

1. Cost-Efficient: It’s pointless to pretend that the bottom line isn’t important. Businesses need to be strategic in how they spend their money. Temporary office spaces allow your clients and employees to pay for the space and services that they will actually use. This mitigates the burden of long-term contracts, the purchase of office assets and all the other overhead costs that come with maintaining their own traditional office. It also allows them the ability to scale up or down without the risks associated.

2. Tailored Offerings: Iconic Offices understands that one size doesn’t fit all. With a diverse range of products, including private offices, dedicated coworking desks, meeting rooms and breakout spaces, your employees have the ability to create a solution that aligns perfectly with their needs, for the length of time that works for them.

3. Prime Locations: One of the most important factors for businesses trying to get employees back to the office is the ease with which they can get there. Iconic Offices are strategically situated in prime business districts, close to multiple forms of transport, for this purpose. This also offers businesses prestigious addresses without having to heft the bulk of risk that comes with renting long-term in these areas.

4. Impressive Amenities: Having somewhere to work is one thing. Having somewhere great to work is THE thing. From high-speed internet and modern, ergonomic office furniture to stunning meeting rooms and comfortable break out areas, Iconic Offices have premium amenities to enhance your client’s workspace experience.

5. Swift Setup: Time is one currency no business can afford to waste. Our expert workspace consultants work with your employees to make sure their needs are being met in terms of space. Our workspaces are fully furnished, allowing for a fast move in. This combined means we can help to side-step the logistical complexities of having to set up an office from scratch.

6. Networking Opportunities: Most of the Iconic Offices buildings are consciously designed with the concepts of synergy and community in mind. We create collaborative environments that help to naturally foster networking and the exchange of ideas.

7. Enhanced Productivity: Due to the level of detail in each of our buildings, Iconic Offices provides dynamic, beautiful and highly functional spaces for your employees employees to work within. Providing collaborative and break out spaces, so they can come together or work alone. The option to book meeting rooms for those big brainstorms that can change the path of a business. Simply understanding that people need a change of environment, a place to go to be their best, has led to huge success for our Iconic Offices community. You can hear from some of our Iconic Community here.

By offering your clients or employees a workspace provider that combines functionality with elegance and reliability, you can ensure that their needs are being met with an inspiring and flexible workspace tailored to them.

Get in touch with one of workspace consultants if you have an queries, or wish to discuss your needs.


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