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What are Serviced Offices?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

South Point - Iconic Offices

So, exactly what are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped office spaces that are available for rent on a flexible basis. They are designed to provide companies with a hassle-free, plug-in solution for their office needs. They come equipped with all the necessary amenities and services, including furniture, phone lines, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, and administrative support. At Iconic Offices, we offer a serviced office that takes the work out of running an office. By choosing a serviced office space, you are simplifying the costs of an office into one monthly payment with a flexible contract.

Benefits for Employers

Flexibility: You can negotiate your flexible lease agreement, allowing your business to rent space for as long or as short a period as you need. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups that may not be ready to commit to a long-term lease, or larger companies waiting to move into longer leases.

Cost-effective: Serviced offices are an affordable option for businesses that want to reduce their overhead costs. Renting a serviced office eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive furniture, equipment, technology and utilities. It also helps you to mitigate the risks and assorted variables associated with long-term leasing. We also take care of the comforts you might not have even thought of yet, like unlimited coffee, tea and filtered water for your employees.

Access to amenities: You will have access to a range of amenities, as well as your own office space, including meeting rooms, reception areas, lounges, phone booths and administrative support. At Iconic Offices you have a choice of different amenities in different buildings, depending on what your employees value the most. This means you can focus on core operations without worrying about the day-to-day running of the office.

Ready from day one: Iconic Offices have been set up so that you can move in right away. Fully-furnished, secure offices with high-speed WiFi and a dedicated Front of House team mean you are ready to plug in and get started.

A range of amenities across Iconic Offices locations

Benefits for Employees

Prime location: All Iconic Offices are located centrally in Dublin and Cork, making them easily accessible to employees. This can help to reduce commuting time, with all office spaces close to main transport links. As we know, less time commuting means happier and more productive people.

Professional environment: Our offices are designed to create a professional yet inspirational environment, with stunning interiors, top class facilities and ergonomic furniture. This helps to improve employee morale and create a positive workplace culture. When your employees have a workplace that has been designed to fit their needs, it tends to have a very positive effect.

Networking opportunities: Iconic Offices boast a variety of communal areas and meeting rooms across all locations, which provide employees with the opportunity to interact with other businesses in the same building. This can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations. New ideas can come from the most unlikely of place.

Serviced offices are an affordable, flexible, and convenient solution for businesses that want to reduce their overhead costs and provide employees with a professional working environment. They offer a range of benefits to both employers and employees, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, access to amenities, convenient location, professional environment, and networking opportunities.

If you are a business owner or manager looking for a hassle-free office solution, get in touch with our workspace experts to learn more.


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