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Remote Work: How To Cultivate an Environment Where You Can Thrive

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

At Iconic Offices, we provide a service that empowers our customers to do their best work in a truly modern day workspace. All of our spaces are design-focused and considered. Where flexibility is at its core, supplemented by best in class IT, telecommunications and design. We understand the ways of working have changed, so Community is also a key focus of ours, not only with a sense of togetherness and bonding, but with educational events and meet ups.

But what happens when that isn’t available to you, like in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have outlined some learnings we have taken by facilitating co-working and community for hundreds of companies in Iconic Offices, to come up with some tips to succeed in remote working at home during this time.

Embrace change

Being able to work remotely is a skill, which a lot of people are now re-actively learning while having to conduct their key role. Some will immediately overwork themselves, some will feel lonely and isolated, while others will be uninspired. It’s vital to understand that different people may need different approaches. None are right or wrong, but having a high level of emotional understanding will be key to success.

Lay out your stall, quickly

How do you see this new way of work, working for you? Treating it like your standard 9-5 may not be the answer. Losing focus and struggling to get in to a rhythm can be common. But understanding the quicker you settle, the quicker you thrive will be a big help. What tools do you now need? What does your day look like? Who do you need to check in with now and what way should you do that?

Establish structure for Remote Work

Everyone likes structure, some rebel against it, some run towards it. But ultimately it is good for everyone. While working remotely it is very important to create a new structure that works for you and your colleagues. Going for a walk before you begin your day, coffee breaks, set lunch times and more, can help you thrive and maintain a new idea of a normal working day.

Outline distractions and come up with solutions

This takes honesty, but have a quick overview of your home and workspace, outlining what are the red flags for distractions. If you find yourself going on social media during the day, there are plug-ins for browsers to block certain websites. If you have a furry four legged colleague who wants some attention, why not use a walk with them as a break to work towards? Honestly outlining your weak spots and seeing how you can embrace them as part of your day will help.

Keep your boundaries

From a space and physical point of view, using some metaphorical red tape in your home and with your relationships will help boost your productivity. Outline where you work at home and keep it set there. Don’t let it overtake your couches, kitchen, bedroom. Give it the space it needs. If you live with a loved one or a friend, outline to them why you are working remotely and get buy in to allow you to succeed. This doesn’t mean you have to be Captain Buzz Kill, just that when you’re in the zone, they let you perform there.

A face a day keeps the doctor at bay

Humans by nature are social people. We like interaction and conversation, particularly if you’re Irish. Working remotely will immediately deduct from this as you are no longer in a public space. With modern day technology this doesn’t mean you go cold turkey on seeing people. Face-to-face interaction is hugely important for your mental health and also to heighten channels for communication. Skype / Apple’s Facetime / Zoom/ Microsoft Teams / Google Hangouts / Slack, are all software’s which you can leverage for videocalls and hangouts. Even a check in with a colleague or supplier instead of a long email thread can help with how you view your day. You just have to establish that this is how you now work.

Ultimately, to succeed in remote working, you need to embrace the challenge and understand that it is a core change to your day-to-day. Those who think it is the same as office based work, or fail to adapt, will be left behind.

Best of luck!

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