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Meet The Speaker: An Interview With Nicky Raby

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Meet The Speaker

Next up for our Meet the Speaker series is Nicky Raby. Nicky is a huge advocate of the portfolio career; she’s an actor, qualified life and business coach, writer and speaker. Her specialism is supporting you to build a thriving, profitable, fulfilling personal brand. She has worked with BBC, Stylist Magazine, Nat West, MTV, Google, MOO.COM, The Collective to name a few. Her podcast ‘Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby’ regularly features on the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes, has had over 100k downloads and is heard worldwide. She has worked with over 1000 clients to help them consolidate their personal brand and become visible so they can do more of what they love and get paid for it. She has a son and a daughter and lives in London. We caught up with Nicky to find out more.

Tell us about yourself?

Hello, I’m Nicky Raby. I am a lover of the portfolio career; I earn money from acting, coaching, writing, speaking, my podcast, events, and collaborations. I moved to London to train as an actor in 2000 and went to drama school and quickly realised I couldn’t sit and wait for the phone to ring; I wanted to use my entrepreneurial streak. My acting work has been a constant throughout the last 20 years but I also love business; self development, supporting others to create their version of success and chatting to many thought leaders on my podcast. I have two children aged nearly 2 and 5 so I appreciate the flexibility of my work so I can be present at home and sometimes (!) master the juggle.

Out of all your "many hats", do you have a favourite?

I don’t really. There is a live element that I would say is my favourite; it could be performing on tv as an actor, presenting a speaking gig, coaching a client or conducting an interview. I love that engagement and transformation. If I had to sit at my computer doing admin all day, I would quickly get bored, so I have learnt to get support to grow my business so those important albeit sometimes dull tasks still get done. There is a wonderful book called ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks where your zone of genius is mentioned…basically where you excel. I try to stay in mine wherever possible and when I do, it positively affects all areas of my life.

For those who are unfamiliar, how would you define a personal coach?

My clients enquire about my support when they know they are ready to elevate who they are. So, they may have lots of skills, talent, achievements, experience etc. in many areas but they require support to pull it all together so their personal brand is cohesive not confused. I really believe we are in a wonderful time of opportunity and you don’t have to do just one thing anymore. In fact, if you can effectively present your unique combination you open so many more doors of possibility.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement to date?

The first thing I thought of was my tenacity and actually going for it. In life, it is so much easier to follow the crowd, to try and fit in, to stay within your lane. I feel so proud of myself that at nearly 40, I am still following my own path and I feel as though I am only just getting started. There have been many bumps and ugly cries along the way but also so many amazing moments that have knocked my socks off. Also, I truly feel like I enjoy my life. I don’t chase the highs; I try and find the joy in every day (this is challenging on the sleep deprived days!) and stay curious. Also, I am so grateful for my two children. As a creative, you are often told you have to choose between a family and a career and I am so glad I didn’t listen and was lucky to be able to have them.

Do you have a favourite way to switch off after work?

An early dinner. A hot bath. Really lovely skincare. Telly. Snacks. Sofa. Bed.

What is the greatest piece of advice you have ever received?

Control the controllables. My Mum says it all the time and I call on this phrase when things get frenzied or overwhelming. This phrase centres me and makes me focus on what is fact. Releasing control into ‘what will be will be’ is easier said than done but I often try to keep the vibes high and positive and hope for the best.

If you could invite any 3 people to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

Ooh this is so good and would probably change daily depending on when you ask me. I am going to say Oprah as I know she would have excellent chat. I’m going to say my partner Matt as we don’t get as many dinners as we would like. Thirdly Michael Eavis who started Glastonbury, I imagine he would have some tales.


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