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Managing Your Mental Health in this New Normal

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We have all been in crisis mode for the last few months and it’s bound to have taken its toll on the vast majority of us. Not knowing what trouble is around the corner and constantly on edge. But now that the shops are opening and pubs are serving pints again you may feel the pressure to get back to the old normal. However, you may not be feeling up to it just yet.

We’ve compiled six wellness tips below, to help you manage your mental health in the coming months and in this ‘new normal’.

1. Give Yourself a Digital Detox:

Put your phone in a drawer and turn off your laptop. With an endless stream of bad news and work e-mails constantly at our finger tips it’s hard to find a moment to just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Now, more than ever, we need to find time to switch off and check in with ourselves and others around us. Even if it is just for an hour before bed at night, reducing screen time in the evening is proven to improve the quality of your sleep and is sure to have a positive effect on your mornings too.

2. Exercise

We are sure that your makeshift home office or kitchen table boardroom is probably feeling a bit cramped by now so make sure you are giving yourself that break that you deserve.

Now we’re not saying go run a marathon, just yet. Close down the laptop and get outside. Feel the wind in your hair and listen to the birds chirping. There are any number of green spaces around Dublin to go and explore. Here’s some of our top picks of parks around Dublin.

3. Spend time with friends & loved ones

Of all the cruelties of isolation, not seeing friends and family, was probably the hardest for most. The months without seeing parents and grandparents. The months of not being able to hug those who are closest. The new normal of not even a handshake.

But, now that everyone has had a chance to visit their local barber or hair salon, all of us will be dying to see each other in the flesh again. No glitches, no dodgy WiFi connection, and no running for your laptop charger. Just real life. There’s nothing better, so make the most of it.

4. Learn to say “no”

It’s important to see our friends again but if you are still not comfortable going to the pub or being around large crowds just yet, that’s OK and that’s perfectly acceptable. Don’t be afraid to say so. It’s understandable to feel a bit wary about venturing outside of your own four walls again so it’s important to voice this and not feel pressured into going somewhere where you don’t feel comfortable. Move at your own pace.

5. Spend some time alone

After months of either being alone or around only a small group of people, being around friends, colleagues, and family again can be a bit overwhelming, leaving us drained. Sometimes we all just need some time to recharge by ourselves. So, don’t forget to check in with yourself when you feel this way and give yourself a well-earned break.

6. Be kind to yourself

Cook yourself a nice meal. Do a face mask. Curl up on the couch watching your movie of choice or with your favourite book. Do whatever it is that helps you to relax. Now, more than ever, we need to look after each other. But, to do that, we need to look after ourselves too.


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