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The Phone Box

Your calls are very important to us, we can answer them.

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Custom office spaces

A virtual office provides businesses with many of the benefits of a physical office without any actual space or desks. From start-ups to SME’s and seasoned professionals alike, our virtual office packages provide premium support while taking the day to day hassles out of running the office.

The Mailbox

Leave the mail to us, we can handle it.

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The Pro Box

Enjoy the best of both, calls and mail cared for, and go Pro.

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Building address

Allow your business to build a presence at Iconic Offices. Our workspaces allow a real business address and access to our workspaces and meeting rooms when you need it.

Mail forwarding

We will collect and sign for your mail and parcels on your behalf. We can then either hold onto them for collection or forward them on to an address of your choice.

Call answering

Calls professionally answered in your company name by our Front of House Team. Establish a professional business image ensuring  you never miss a call. Get call fowarding to a number of you choice.

Case studies

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Skinny Designs

John Phelan

Rob Kenny PR

Rob Kenny


Chupi Sweetman

The Bosca Mór

Pronounced “buska more”, Irish for “big box”. All the VO benefits.

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