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Sustaining your business: Tips to maintain engagement amongst clients

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The COVID-19 epidemic completely disrupted business plans and continuity of service for most of the population over the past few months. It has rightly created anxiety, stress and uncertainty amongst all but none, both in our personal and professional lives. Social media and online blogs have become a huge resource in how to handle isolation and social distancing by promoting wellness, structure, mental health and distraction-based activities. But what about the professional side of things? In our working lives, aside from core actions to sustain our businesses, we are wondering how to maintain engagement with current clients, prospective clients and ultimately how to be proactive in this time of uncertainty.

Get in touch

‘Silence is golden’ is definitely not a phrase you should be embracing right now. Communication is vital when instability is rife. With the sensitivity everyone is facing, firstly plan out the potential outcome. Plan what you can say, what your clients might say back and potential questions they may have, then simply get in touch to ask how they are getting on. Leave any ulterior motives at the door and just try connect to the person behind the business. Connecting now will help build credibility and trust for when things pick up.

Become a resource

The internet is flooded right now with great content on how to get through this challenging time. How to keep well at home, mental health tips, ways to structure your day and more useful ideas are plentiful on social media and blogs. If you see content you like, refer it on to key contacts of yours. ‘I hope you’re well. I saw this and thought you may find it useful. Stay safe and looking forward to catching up soon’ is as complicated as it has to be. The key here is to be selfless in your actions, don’t try sell or mention your service. Just deliver good relevant content to relevant people, to help get them through this time.

Create content

This is really based on the resources available to you, but can you get involved in the conversations happening at the moment. Top tips, a quick blog or photographs can position yourself in the public eye of the wider community by trying to aid solutions. You don’t have to be a 5-star writer to establish credibility. Pick a topic and try bring it back to your business case and the personas of the clients you’re dealing with. For example, stress management. If you generally talk to high level executives, why not create ‘5 tips for stress management for CEO’s’. Or perhaps most of your clients are currently working from home, so a quick blog on ‘5 mindful tips you can do at your desk’ would work well. If you refine your content to specifically cater to your audience it will allow you to push through some of the noise.


Like ‘getting in touch’ above, talking and communication is vital. Anxiety, stress, isolation, frustration and overall worry are common everywhere at the moment. A chat and catch up is key to try alleviate these feelings. For you but more importantly for your clients. Be a support to them, get in touch and discuss the industry in a top-level way, check in, simply keep the channels of communication open. Beneficial to both parties.


Those who adapt will best weather this storm. Re-evaluate your core business offering and see how you can change it to drive engagement. How can you maintain engagement with relevant people? Is there an opportunity to still drive revenue? What is my core product? Can that still be accessed while social distancing? These are top level questions which can try help you re-evaluate where you can go during this challenging time.

There is no sugar coating it, this is a very stressful and upsetting time for everyone. However, this storm shall pass. It’s key to try highlight what positive elements you still have in your life and business to keep yourself moving forward. This advice is the exact same for your clients, it’s important to think of them as a person as opposed to a walking Euro sign. Think about how they feel and what may help. Being there during their hard times without an ulterior motive will build a connection which will stand to you when we are through this.

The very best of luck and if we can help, please contact us at Iconic Offices.


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