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Hybrid Working and Talent Retention: Insight and Advice from Senior Leaders

Updated: Feb 1

Over one year on, has hybrid working been successful and will it be retained as people begin to migrate to the office more often? We look at what business leaders across a number of industries have implemented and learned in the last two years. One thing is certain, staff and culture need to be at the core of any model in order to succeed and for talent retention.

The tech sector by its very nature has remained relatively stable, as so many of its systems were already online and therefore staff were well used to splitting their time between a traditional office space and their home. But for everyone else, the remote-working boom, necessitated by the pandemic, was a revelation: it showed we too could have a flexible work and home life.

While many companies floundered with the sudden pivot from working onsite to online, some were expanding. Founder of Deviance, an AI trend-spotting tech company headquartered in the UK, Richard Wilson, now has 12 full-time team members and six part-time across the globe, all grown during these challenging months.

“I founded Deviance just before Christmas 2019, impeccably timed just before the pandemic hit. Quite selfishly I implemented a hybrid working model from the start so I could spend more time with my family while building the business. It turned out to be a genius move.”

Tsedal Neeley, Professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and author of the recently published Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere, states “Commute times have disappeared, astronomical real estate no longer seems important. The numbers are staggering when we look at how many people want to retain some sort of remote work in their professional arrangements. Employees granted more flexibility have been shown to more than repay their employer with increased loyalty and higher engagement with their work.”

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